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These lakes are all within striking distance of the villa and are ideal for swimming, fishing, bird watching and astronomy. Many tourists visit Turkey’s beaches for sun, sea and sand but the less explored inner regions also have a great interest for flora, fauna and history. Southern Turkey is a bird watcher’s paradise, especially in the months of April/May with nesting and migration and in October/November when they return to Africa for the winter.

Salda Gölü has white sandy beaches, turquoise water and many freshwater fish and is said to be the cleanest lake in Turkey. The white beaches are rich in hydromagnesite and the water is reputed to have good healing properties. The lake is surrounded by forests for hunting foxes and boar and at 196m is one of the deepest lakes in Turkey; it also has a resident population of wild geese.

Picture   Picture 

Map & Driving Directions: Üzümlü to Lake Salda. Distance: 170km (~3 hr)
Map Location: Lat: 37.55, Lon: 29.68. Altitude: 1140m
Close by: Salda Village, Yeșilova Town and Yarisli Lake (25km east)
Nearby: Denizli is 84km (1.5 hr), Burdur Gölü is 70km (1.5 hr), Pamukkale is 90km (2 hr)

Köyceğiz Gölü has a small town at its edge which is the ideal starting point for fishing trips. There are common carp, mirrors and leather carp and you can catch these from the bays surrounding the lake which are accessed by boat or 4 wheel drives. The largest carp catch so far is 68lb but many around 40lb have also been caught. Fishing licences and permits are arranged through the Hotel Flora prior to fishing. The lake is situated on bird migration routes and local species include white tailed eagle, common buzzard, black kite, kestrel and kingfisher.

Picture   Picture 

Map & Driving Directions: Üzümlü to Lake Köyceğiz. Distance: 82km (~1.5 hr)
Map Location: Lat: 36.95, Lon: 28.69. Altitude: Sea level
Close by: Köyceğiz Town, Dalyan Town, Dalaman Town. Lake Gökçeova (for more fishing) is above this lake, in the mountains, at 1752m Lat: 37.061, Lon: 28.808

Girdev Gölü camp is a perfect venue for fishing with three man-made lakes that are well stocked with trout, common carp, leather carp, mirror carp and catfish. Fishing rods and equipment are available for hire and if you catch some fish they can be served for your dinner! Girdev Gölü is a good location being high in the mountains with a well kept natural lake and reed area and is home to a rich variety of birds (119 species recorded). Girdev plateau is in the highlands of the Taurus Mountains and is untouched by mass tourism; it is ideal for climbing and mountaineering and is a paradise for photographers and astronomers. 

Picture  Picture

Map & Driving Directions: Üzümlü to Temel (in Temel take the track on the left and go past Döğer and Kıncılar to reach Girdev Highlands). Distance: 88km (~2.5 hr)
Map Location: Lat: 36.68, Lon: 29.66. Altitude: 1730m. Close by is Seki Town
Tours to Girdev Gölü: Website:

Gölhisar Gölü is small and off the beaten track but well regarded for catfish and carp fishing and 37 bird species have been identified; it is close to the remains of the Lycian city of Cibyra.

Picture   Picture 

Map & Driving Directions: Üzümlü to Gölhisar Gölü Distance: 80km (~2 hr)
Map Location: Lat: 37.11, Lon: 29.60. Altitude: 947m
Nearby: Lake Salda is 67km north (~1.5 hr)

Yeșil Gol & Avlan Gölü are of particular interest to bird-watchers and also to anyone who appreciates the beauty and range of flora and fauna at these lakes. Yeșil Gol and associated Uçarsu Waterfall are close to the village of Gömbe and Avlan Gölü is close to Goltara which is further down the same road – you will already have passed Çayboğazi Baraji near Cemre.

Picture  Picture

                   Yeșil Gol – Gömbe                                    Avlan Gölü – Goltara

Map & Driving Directions: Üzümlü to Gömbe for Yeșil Gol. Distance: 85km (~2 hr)
Map Location: Lat: 36.557, Lon: 29.615. Altitude: 1830m
Map & Driving Directions: Gömbe to Goltara for Avlan Gölü. Distance: 43km (~45 mins)
Map Location: Lat: 36.567, Lon: 29.950. Altitude: 1030m

Yaprakli Baraji & Kocagol are both interesting areas but in opposite directions from the holiday villa. Yaprakli Baraji is north on the Denizli road and is a man-made reservoir with beautiful scenery and fishing for carp, perch and trout. Kocagol is part of a series of three lakes and is very close to Sarsala Beach which is a lovely quiet beach, ideal for fishing, within a few kilometres of Dalaman Airport (Kapikargin turnoff) - see Trip Report from 'Turkey's for Life' blog.

Picture   Picture
                        Yaprakli Baraji                                     Kocagol near Sarsala beach

Map & Driving Directions: Üzümlü to Yaprakli Baraji Distance: 75km (~1.5 hr)
Map Location: Lat: 37.00, Lon: 29.42. Altitude: 1200m
Map & Driving Directions: Uzumlu to Kocagol and Sarsala Beach. Distance: 71km (~1.5hr)
Map Location: Lat: 36.663, Lon: 28.850. Altitude: Sea level

The Highland lakes are at their best in Spring/Early summer when they are filled with snow melt from the mountains.
Translations: Gol & Gölü = Lake; Baraji = Dam; Koy = Village; Dağ = Mountain; Şelale = Waterfall; Yeșil = Green. 
Useful reference books are: “Walking & Bird Watching in SW Turkey by Paul Hope and “Finding Birds in W Turkey by Dave Gosney.
For sea-fishing a private boat can be hired, with equipment, at Calis Beach and we suggest  who provide food and a pleasant day out for a reasonable price.

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